“Discomacy” Dance Party at Carlton Resort Hotel & Club

Discomacy Dance Party at Carlton Resort Hotel & Club

Discomacy is organized to mark the end of the SZABIST Model United Nations (ZABMUN) 2012 Conference and give you a taste of what real dance parties are made of. It shall be one of the most dazzling parties of the year. So glam up, bring out the sassiest pieces from your wardrobe and switch to dancing ones.

Give the night all you have and let the lights and music wash away your strains and work load. To culminate ZABMUN 2012 perfectly, there will be fireworks by the end of the night. See you on the floor!

Buy your tickets now! Outsiders apart from SZABIST students only allowed on strict reference and without the case of any Stags. For more details contact:

  • Fariz Merchant – 0334 3889027
  • Shamraiz Khalid – 0314 2544426
  • Tallal Sarwar – 0334 4117778
  • Faizan Mak – 0333 3429742

Address: Carlton Resort Hotel & Club, DC-5, off Zulfiqar Street # 1, DHA Phase VIII Karachi.
Event Theme: Dance Party
Date: Sunday, 11th November 2012
Time: 8pm onwards
Dress Code: Blue and White

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