Discounts at Farids!

Shopping is never a chore, it is luxurious time spent in the colorful aisles of a supermarket or just strolling through a boutique. It is the time when all senses are numbed by the allure of the products, every item on the shelves seems like a necessity and God help if a new product has arrived.

Best Supermarkets in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Many customers will convince themselves to buy it because well, it is in new! And who knows it just might be what is needed. Nevertheless shopping is a compulsive hobby; it is therapy, it is the one way to shop and forget what one had to buy actually; while buying practically all the unnecessary stuff. Astounded?

Well, the next time, you go shopping for grocery; try keeping track of what goes in the trolley- it is but a pandemonium of assorted products. So by the time the heavy grocery laden trolley is dragged to the counter, the children and women tend to keep adding stuff; right up until till the trolley resembles a small mountain peak. It is grocery after all! We need this and we need that!

These cookies are out in the market just now and the kids want them! God bless the free tasting services in the grocery stores these days- it is very hard to say no to piping hot nuggets or French fries, so a packet or two of those will go into the trolley as well.

Now why did we come to the grocery stores? For grocery!! Thinking of the budget one has to stay in, it is a challenge to stick to the list. Also it seems heartless to refuse the children what their heart desires because a refusal would mean suffering the wrath of endless tantrums or puppy eyes filled with fat tears.

The sales personnel do not help the situation because they tend to target the most vulnerable people in the family: the women! Not saying that women are gullible, but they are far more prone to taking promotions than men; women do have a hard time in saying no. There goes the budget and the grocery for the month or week.

Discounts at Farids Supermarket - Ocean Mall, Clifton Karachi

Farid’s Supermarket located in the Ocean Mall has a splendid ‘GREEN TAG SALE’ going on! It is the best way to shop, save money and there is more to it! All that a customer has to do is enter the aisles and look for green tags on numerous products spread out throughout the store.

Any product with a green tag sale will have a discount on its original price- this way a lot many essentials or extra-buys can be made efficiently in budget. The best part has yet to come; in case a customer shops for more than PKR 5000, they will be given a voucher offering 30% off products in Dockers, valid till April 8th for one transaction only. Is this deal at Farid’s the best or what? Quit thinking and head out while the Green Tag Sale lasts!!

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