‘Discourage the Use of Plastic Bags’ – A Lecture Organized for Students of DHA Sports Club (Moin Khan Academy)

The polythene shopping bags these days are being used with impunity in society is a great social menace which causes constant environmental degradation and is a serious health hazard as well. There is a dire need to initiate action for mitigating the use of polythene bags for shopping and other purposes.

A lecture for the young students was held at DHA Sports Club (Moin Khan Academy) to inculcate in the young boys the hazards use of polythene bags. The presentation was meant to discourage the students and staff of the Academy to use polythene bags in their localities.

The students were told that polythene bags were made of imperishable and non-biodegradable material which chokes the sewerage and drainage system causing overflow of gutters, inundation of area during rains, spoiling of sanitation and pollution of environment.

The speaker added that the practice of burning plastic bags on streets and on dump sites produce fumes which are extremely dangerous for human health. She said that it is the social responsibility of every individual to discourage the use of plastic bags while looking for alternate means of carrying consumable items for shopping.

A large number of young boys and Academy staff attended the presentation and benefited from it.

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