Don’t Bin Your Fruit Seeds – A Campaign by DHA

Fruits and vegetables are the most utilized commodities among all horticultural crops. They are consumed raw, minimally processed, as well as processed, due to their nutrients and health‐promoting compounds. With the growing population and changing diet habits, the production and processing of horticultural crops, especially fruits and vegetables, have increased very significantly to fulfill the increasing demands. Significant losses and waste in the fresh and processing industries are becoming a serious nutritional, economical, and environmental problem.

DHA Karachi is running a dynamic campaign to handle this situation. “Don’t Bin Your Fruit Seeds” else donate seeds of fruits consumed by you at DHA Seed Collection Points at Nisar Shaheed Park Phase-IV and Khayaban-e-Ittehad Nursery Phase-VII for future plantation.

For more information contact: 021-35386407, 0300-5761542

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