Dow University Hospital is now operational in DHA City Karachi (DCK)

Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair inaugurated Dow University Hospital (DUH) in DHA City Karachi. Karachi Corps Commander Lieutenant General Shahid Baig Mirza was also present on the occasion.

The governor appreciated Dow University of Health Science (DUHS) project and said that the establishment of DUH in DHA City would not only provide basic health care facilities to the people of surrounding areas but will also be an addition of a modern hospital for the people in the adjacent areas.

Later, DUHS Vice-Chancellor Dr Saeed Qureshi highlighted the importance of the facilities to be provided by the hospital. Governor and the corps commander Karachi visited the hospital and witnessed the available medical and clinical facilities. They appreciated the standard and quality of the hospital.

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  1. Muhammad Rafiq Akhtar says:

    Maa sha Allaah , there should be free or special discounted treatment for the Poor too, may Allaah SwT help sincere and kind people of the humanity.

  2. Abdul Aziz panjwani says:

    It is good tradition that quality school & medical facilities are being arranged in new developments on top priority basis.

  3. Abdul Aziz panjwani says:

    The main boost for the would be resident of DHA city will be on early completion of Malir river express way.
    In today’s world infrastructure play vital role.

  4. Yasmin Mughal says:

    Isn’t DUHS a public sector Hospital. It should be free for all

    • Nazirud din says:

      Hello Yasmin ASAK…just saw your name n comment- which is very valid.

      Are you related to (Late) Mr M Y Mughal and have a brother named Asif in Canada.
      If yes please get in touch with me.

      Thank you

      ( Brother of Zeenat & Nusrat )

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