“Early Intervention in Childhood – Perspectives on Autism and Hearing Impairment” Seminar at Ziauddin University, Clifton

Ziauddin University LogoThe College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences, Ziauddin University invites you to a seminar on ‘Early Intervention in Childhood: Perspectives on Autism and Hearing Impairment’, on Tuesday April 2nd 2013, from 3:00 to 4:30 p.m. at the Ziauddin University auditorium, Clifton.

Despite being a topic of global discussion, many of us remain unaware of the importance and the concept of Early Intervention. Why must we intervene? So what if a child cannot hear. Will the child need intervention due to pre-/peri-/post- natal complications? How will intervention help? These are just a few of the many common questions asked by parents, teachers and health professionals.

Early intervention reduces the possibility of language/cognitive delay, reduces the communication gap that may be present between peers and one’s child, increases chances of achieving near normal communicative skills and increases the possibility of becoming a contributing member of society several years down the road.

In an effort to highlight how crucial Early Intervention is, Ziauddin University have invited a group of highly qualified professionals and individuals from related fields to speak at this seminar. These speakers include;

  • Dr. Mariam Syeda (Speech Language Therapist) – Intervention in Speech, Language and Swallow Therapy
  • Dr. Najam ul Haq (Audiologist) – Cochlear Implant as a Modern Day Miracle
  • Dr. A. G. Billoo (Pediatrician) – Pediatricians Role in Early Intervention
  • Ms. Sumaira Farooqi (Physical Therapist) – Achieving Age Appropriate Motor Milestones Through Early Intervention
  • Dr. Abbas Hussain (Linguist and Educationist) – Fulfilling Children’s Communicative and Social Needs
  • Dr. Shahnaz Ibrahim (Pediatric Neurologist) – Early Intervention and Diagnosis of Autism
  • Mrs. Sana Kashif (Parent of Child with Rett Syndrome) – Experiences as a Parent
  • Dr. Abbas Zafar (ENT specialist) – Hearing Loss in Babies
  • Ms. Amina Siddiqi (Audiologist and Speech Language Therapist) – College of Speech Language and Hearing Sciences Timeline and Achievements over the Year.

The seminar aims to highlight the importance of the role different professionals play in Early Intervention and what it can accomplish for the child and the caregivers. Our goal is to ensure more functional, inclusive, brighter and better futures for children by educating relevant individuals in their lives, about the wonders of Early Intervention.

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