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Life is the most precious gift granted to the humans by God. It should be handled with care and love. Every moment should be spent carefully, savoring the ups and downs. This life has been granted to the humans as a present, so it is important to care for this human body and mind as well.

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A healthy body and a healthy mind are the perfect combination to making it big in the outside world, it gives people the ability see past the mundane fog that which obscures the vision. A healthy body comes from eating well and regular exercises. Men and women both undertake regular exercise regimes to tone or maintain the body, but after that, the meal consumed is heavy and full of calories or there is so much eating out that the entire calorie burnt are regained back instantly.

So what to do if the regular exercise does not help to maintain a healthy body? Numerous nutritionists and doctors recommend a balanced diet and balanced work out, but the daily or regular meals cooked at home are far from light and healthy. The gravies are topped with spoonful of oil or clarified butter, while every meal is complimented by a fried side dish.

Eat Fit - Health Food Restaurant in DHA Karachi (1)The desi specialties of Biryani and Qorma or Nihari are cooked with tons of spices and clarified butter to give the dish that extra oomph. Many people refuse to touch a dish if they fail to see any oil on it. Even the tempering for the daal’s are heavy. Noteworthy is the fact that how will the exercise help when the food intake is this heavy.

Housewives have to cook food for the entire family and so it is nearly impossible for them to first cook regular food for the family and then diet food for the health conscious members. Similarly people who work in offices tend to eat out a lot given the nature of their job which adds flab to their body, if such people decide to go on a diet, their dinners and lunches are difficult to manage- they can either work at offices or cook diet meals.

So quite literally dieting is easy, it is the managing the meal part which is difficult. Providing the solution to this very dilemma of meal management faced by numerous people is EAT FIT.

Address: 7-C, 17th Street, Khayaban-e-Nishat, Phase 6, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35245266

At Eatfit they believe in using natural ingredients and avoiding preservatives and chemicals so common in processed fast foods. The products are procured daily while the meals are prepared on hand so as to ensure that the customers only get the freshest. The ideology at EAT FIT is that freshly prepared food with good ingredients wins the game.

Customers will also find the calorie count on the products. The menu changes according to availability of seasonal produce. Eatfit strives to provide customers with products which are wholesome, fresh and packed with nutrition so they can stay healthy and active. Food prepared at EAT FIT answer the woes of all those who are struggling with meal problems in their diets.

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