Edgware Road Restaurant – Mini Lebanon From London!

Travelling is a lot more than just vacations- it provides the exposure in terms of the local culture and cuisines of that state or country. The demographics and geographic nature of a street, town, city, state or even a country matters greatly because it has a direct impact on the local cuisine.

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The areas by the sea will have local cuisines rich in seafood while the hilly areas or grasslands would have greater focus on the beef or mutton as a choice of meat. The choice of meat or seafood combined with the regular spices creates the local cuisines which for the tourists is the most exciting part of a trip. To be able to go back home after a trip and narrate the experiences of trying an exotic cuisine is over whelming- many people consider it their rightful duty to try the new cuisines while on a trip so that they are as much in touch with the local set up as it is possible for a tourist.

London is a metropolitan city wherein people from all walks of life belonging to different nationalities and religions come for either work or solely for the purpose of a vacation. Most certainly London is an expensive location for holidays and a tough place to work in, but amidst all the hustle bustle of the city is the busy EDGEWARE ROAD.

Now for all those who have already been to London and have visited EDGEWARE ROAD, the mention of the name alone is enough to tantalize the taste buds. However for all those are new to the name, we shall bring to light its importance in the global food world. EDGEWARE ROAD in London is famous for the Lebanese and Arabic Cuisines prepared in the only authentic way- the food at EDGEWARE is being served since ages and the customer inflow has never slowed down.

Edgware Road Restaurant - Stadium Commercial Area, DHA KarachiOn the contrary the Lebanese and Arabic food at EDGEWARE is loved far more than the local burgers and pizzas. Many people consider a trip to London as a complete waste of time and money, if a hot piping meal is not enjoyed at EDGEWARE ROAD.

Not everyone can go down to London just to enjoy authentic Lebanese food and the watered down version of shawarma that is being served is adulterated to such a huge extent with spices, so that it now resembles a spicy chicken roll or wrap. Fret not because a new restaurant ‘EDGEWARE ROAD RESTAURANT’ has opened up in K-Town.

Address: Shop No.1 & 2, Building 10-C, Stadium Commercial Lane 3, Phase–V, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35248753
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EdgwareRoadRestaurant/

The food at EDGEWARE ROAD is as authentic as it gets because the ingredients right from the spices to the bread itself have been imported from the sources (country of origin) itself. A meal at EDGEWARE ROAD can begin with Rayash Ganam Mashwi (Succulent grilled lamb chops), Mashwa Saffron (Chicken infused with Saffron and Lebanese spices) or the loved lamb shawarma.

The authentic Lebanese food is best cooked with lamb because the flavors release well with the spice blends. Also a must try is the Kafta KashKash which is minced skewers of lamb. The meat is of prime quality cooked to perfection till tender and succulent. Anyone still hesitant about the food is missing out on some really great experiences.

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