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Education is the key to unlock the future for those who understand its importance and prepare their today for a progressive and prosperous tomorrow. From childhood to any point of time in your life, the importance of good education can never be denied as it goes a long way and stays a loyal companion in your life’s endeavour.

Education Bay understands the importance of education and believes that the professional, spiritual, and personal growth of a child must start at a very early stage.

Located in Defence Housing Society, phase 8, Karachi, Education Bay School has been one of the pioneers in the education landscape of Karachi. The school’s mission is to prepare the children of today to be the beacon of hope, prosperity, growth and success, not just in their individual lives, but for the future of Pakistan as well.

Standing out in one of the most densely populated cities in the world, Education Bay School ensures to distinguish themselves amongst a vast variety of schools in Karachi with the help of a uniquely structured educational programme that combines core societal values, academic technical knowledge, personal discipline and spirituality, taught by a group of highly qualified and competent teachers.

Apart from quality education and excellent O Level results, Education Bay School offers a Holistic curriculum that puts special emphasis on societal, cultural, and moral values and the understanding of Islam as a complete code of life.

The people at EBS strongly believe that the place where a child learns should offer a balance between ‘Dunya & Akhira’ rather than leaving room for a religious institution to fulfill that purpose.

And so, Education Bay School offers Nazra of the Holy Quran from Explorers and children complete the course by Class VII. Arabic is also taught as a language with segregated classes for girls and boys from secondary onwards. Every child at EBS gets the opportunity to read the complete translation of the Holy Quran. Additionally, EBS does not encourage any non-islamic practices and events.

The ultimate aim of the school is to equip a child with as much arsenal as is required to take on the challenges of the real world while also enabling them to excel in their higher education journey.

The collective mission of each member of the School is to nurture the child of today into a complete personality tomorrow who can take on the challenges of the world and achieve success in this world and hereafter.

Name: Education Bay School
Address: SL-5, 12th Street (off Khy-e-Shaheen) Phase VIII, D.H.A, Karachi,
Phone: +(92) 21 35250068-9

At Education Bay School, students are encouraged to take part in interactive learning activities and project work that promotes the spirit of teamwork and fosters confidence amongst students.

So, if you are looking for a school that cares about your child’s well being, proper upbringing, growth, happiness, and safety just as much as you do, Education Bay School is the right place for your child. With a purpose built campus with modern, futuristic and fully equipped facilities to assist modern teaching and learning, EBS welcomes your wards with arms wide open, each member of the School is well-trained and equipped with the skills to help your child grow into a morally, socially, and spiritually upright human being.

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