Efficient DHA Fire Brigade at Service of Residents

DHA Security and Vigilance Directorate is an important component of DHA which apart from providing secure, safe and peaceful living environment to residents is always at service of residents in time of any emergency, distress or need. DHA Fire Brigade is part of DHA Vigilance and works with utmost efficiency, versatility and dedication as saviours of public.

DHA Fire Brigade is one of the most responsible and efficient setup whose gallant fire fighters are always ready to deliver. On receipt of any info/news of outbreak of fire in DHA or neighbouring area the fire tenders of DHA scrambles and come into action by reaching the place of fire within minutes. The efficient fire fighters with a professional approach and dedicated vision gets into relentless action to extinguish the fire. The efficiency, excellence and spirit of dedication and service of DHA Fire Brigade is exemplary and has won the laurels and appreciation of public who call them as their savours.

A purview of last six months of the data of outbreak of fire in DHA/CBC areas gives an insight and real picture of the incredible response of DHA Fire Brigade personnel who imbued with a galvanizing spirit responded within an average time of one minute to the disastrous situations and extinguished the fire successfully saving precious human lives, property and equipment. For Call Summary, please click here.

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