Efforts Made by Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) – January 2020

Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) is spread over an area of 51,327 square kilometers with a population of 0.55 million at present.The entire DHA,Blocks 8 & 9 of Clifton with 13 Katchi Abadis located in the CBC jurisdiction.

Cantonment Board Clifton have developed numerous facilities for the residents and general public. Clifton Cantonment is a role model for other civic bodies to emulate. It is self-contained civic body which does not fall back for financial assistance either upon the federal Govt. or Provisional Govt.

Below is the progress made by Cantonment Board Clifton (CBC) in January 2020.

2nd Janaury: New vehicles after Repair & Maintenance has been added in CB Clifton’s fleet for Horticulture & Sanitation works.

4th January: Construction of Footpath at Phase – 2

4th January: Speed Breaker Painting Work.

11th January: Repair / Maintenance of Signal at Khayaban e Ittehad crossing Jami Comm Ph VII.

11th January: Road repairing work at Khayaban e Rahat from Commercial Avenue to khayaban e Hafiz.

12th January: Fixing of U bend Pipes to avoid frequent damages of kerbstones and centre medians along road intersections.

13th January: Reconstruction of Old Sunset Boulevard Road.

13th January: Repair /improvement of Bukhari crossing Shujjaat (Junction) Phase 6.

14th January: Plantation at Kalapul

20th January: Before & After Korangi Road Phase 1, Green Belt

22nd January: Before & After FWO Park

25th January: Installition of Street Lights (Sunlight LED 70 watt) at khayaban e Rahat to khayaban e Muhafiz Ph VI.

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