Elegantly Designed New Cash Counter Inaugurated at DHA Karachi

An elegantly designed new Cash Counter was inaugurated by Administrator DHA Brig Zubair Ahmed in a simple and graceful ceremony held at DHA Head Office.

Elegantly Designed New Cash Counter Inaugurated at DHA Karachi

The new setup having eight counters is a venue for collection of DHA dues, transfer fees, DCK plot installments, receipts and for providing info/updates about plot/property including Customer Relationship Management matters. The Cash Counter has been established in a spacious centrally air conditioned building having comfortable seating arrangements, computerized data system and electronic Que Management Display. The entire record of plots/property in DHA has been computerized resulting in drastic curtailment of long time previously taken in processing of work.

A large number of people including representatives of DHA Residents’ Associations, members of DEFCLAREA and press/media personnels besides DHA Officials attended the function.

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  1. A khan says:

    What does it mean for overseas plot owners? is there a new website? or an international payment system? etc….!!

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