Emerging Talent of Defence Authority Public School (DAPS) Seaview

The curriculum, ethos and education environment in DHA Educational Institutions are designed in a manner to produce confident, talented and dynamic students who can become useful individuals of society. Defence Authority Public School (DAPS) Seaview is an emerging leading institution which provides intellectually vibrant environment for development of students’ optimum potential. Recently students of DAPS Seaview performed brilliantly at various forums showcasing their ingenuity and potential talent.

Master Ibrahim of Grade-II was invited by ARY Digital TV Network on its popular programme ‘Jeeto Pakistan’ for making an animation video named IB Gamming 3345 on YouTube. This is indeed a true reflection of young emerging talent of Pakistan.

Khadija Imran, student of Grade-7, won National Award ICATS (International Competency & Aptitude Testing Services) in Linguistic Contest, and received a gold medal and a Tab. Five other students of the school were also declared provincial winners and received Silver Medallions while three students received Bronze medallions and were declared school winners. All 8 of them received wrist watches. In Mathematics competition, four school students received Bronze medallions as school winners which are yet another feather in school’s cap.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali congratulated the brilliant students and said that they have brought pride and honour for the school as well as DHA. He said that he expected all DHA Schools/Colleges to produce dynamic, talented and enlightened students having a trademark quality of excellence.

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