Encore – “A Night of Performing Arts” For a Cause

Encore - A Night of Performing Arts

Social Welfare And Trust (SWAT), an IoBM Society presents “Encore – A Night of Performing Arts” for a cause. The night will encompass the following:

  • “Kuttey” the play depicts the dark comedy by Naatak Brigade
  • Silent Sketches by FESF Deaf Performers
  • Improvised Comedy by LOL WAALAY!
  • Musical by Usman Riaz

So what are you waiting for… Get your pass for a night where emotions will run high. There will be laughter, amazing music to soothe your ears, and performances by others that will fill your heart with absolute contentment. This is an event you don’t want to miss!

All the proceeds of this event will be used for SWAT upcoming projects! So don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy yourselves, as well as, play your part in helping out your community. Ticket Price: PKR 400*

Venue: Auditorium, Royal Rodale
Date: Sunday, 9th December 2012
Time: 6pm onwards
Phone: 0345-3145189 (Hamza Azeem) and 0331-2285839 (Walid Ahmad)

*Ticket price subject to increase up to Rs.500 at the door.

About SWAT:

Social Welfare and Trust (SWAT) is a registered entity of Institute of Business Management (IoBM) dedicated to work for humanity; SWAT work for the common good and general welfare of the people.

Over a period of time, SWAT will initiate programs in health, counseling, education, relief, rehabilitation, natural disasters and income oriented vocational training.

SWAT is committed to raising funds and awareness to improve the living conditions of those members of the community who are less privileged and deserve more. SWAT hope that our future projects and endeavors will enable us to improve the living standards of the underprivileged and help them to eventually sustain on their own and hence build a better society and future for all of us.

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