Enjoy Spring Festival at Salt’n Pepper Village

Spring is all about festivals and outings with friends and family together. It is the sunny morning and beautiful flowers all around which lighten up the surroundings. People in Karachi love the arrival of spring; it gives them a break from the gloomy winters.

No doubt about it that summers tend to heat up the city to extreme temperatures which brings with it, its own set of pros and cons, but Karachi has what no city can never have: The Sea. The first summer day means people from all around will be rushing to the sea with family and friends. It is the time when picnic baskets are pulled out from the attics. Children become over joyed at the idea of spending a day by the beach, enjoying savories made by their mother’s and aunts.

Generally, who does not love the sea? Everyone loves the sea, it could be a quiet stroll, frolicking in the water or a game of football by the shore- the entire family and friends circle find amusement. With all the fun heading ones way with a trip to the beach planned, the most important part being the food! There is no picnic without scrumptious food and snacks to cater to everyone.

Usually it is the duty of the women of the house to prepare these savories in advance, often a day before the picnic. It is a lot of preparations and work load to be honest. There are boxes to be packed, while trying to cram in as many favourite dishes as possible. Then is the task of arranging ice boxes to keep the drinks in, while the party gets started on the beach.

A warm juice or drink is not appealing or appetizing especially on a picnic. So turn around and consider all the preparations the women of the house have to go through every time a picnic is planned and not to forget the greater the number of people, the greater will be the food preparations.

Enjoy Spring Festival at Salt'n Pepper Village

A happy picnic is when everyone gets to enjoy their favorite dishes, including the women without the added hassle of the preparations. God Forbid, if an element or favorite dish is forgotten behind, it is the show down of all times. So how many savory and sweet dishes will the women be able to prepare for the picnic? May be six (6) or eight (8); most definitely not more than these.

Now think of a buffet spread that begins from one end to the other, comprising of dishes of the widest variety possible- a luxury feast spread which would cater to all the taste buds of the entire family or friends circle. First thought that would pop up in the mind would be: it could be expensive, given the large family. The condition is ‘It Could Be’.

When at the beach and looking for a scrumptious meal in a comfortable environment, head out straight to ‘Salt N Pepper Village Restaurant’. This restaurant is the hub of delectable cuisines available under one roof. The best part about the visit at Salt’n Pepper Village is the spring promotion wherein for a party of five will pay for the meal of four only. So the bigger will be the family, the greater will be the fun and that too in budget. This promotion is available for Hi-tea and lunch only but for a limited time period only!

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