Enjoy Your BakraEid with BakraEat

BAKRA EAT continues to achieve the highest standards of quality and an ethically-sound distribution process, specializing in the carving, trading and distribution of fresh, chilled meat. Well recognized sector among renowned meat and butcher businesses successfully operating its work in Defence, area of Karachi.

To make sure good healthy life with beneficial metabolism system, one can never avoid eating meat. Meat actually serve as protein to help in repair and building of human body tissues with rich quantity of Zinc, Iron and Selenium essentially recommended elements for human bodies. Healthy meat containing vitamin A, B & D, which help to make our vision ability more powerful along with strong bones and teeth development as well.

Bakra Eat, ironically fulfill all kind of meat requirement by providing pure and fresh quality of meat with detail inspection of animals from purchasing to slaughtering, butcher, cutting, packaging and even delivering at your door step.

They also help you to choose Veal, Mutton, Chicken meat with Beef to make your diner more scrumptious with complete audacity of HALAL meat, safety package, hygiene and safe standard of cleanliness, net weight (no wastage include) with free delivery in limited areas at your door step.

2020 looks too much complicated year for survival, due to pandemic situation arisen of COVID-19, peoples need to stay home stay safe and get bound behind the doors. Dont think about going to Cow Mandy to purchase animal and get infected with virus. Bakra Eat is ready to help you out from this situation.

Its a great initiative take place by well known and reliable brands for slaughtering and obligation of EID UL AZHA ritual. Let you feel free from the hassle of going outside, purchasing animals, taking care of it, slaughtering it and then separating for distribution.

Now Bakra Eat makes your life more easier by facilitating you to choose your own animal online, own meat style, cut pieces, live slaughtering session, with home delivery. Bakra Eat ensure safe and highly controlled environment, they deliver the orders with all precautions to keep your worry-less at all time.

Packages starting from as low as 13,000 to 28,000 PKR with services of purchasing animals (Cow, Goat, Lamb) slaughtering, cutting, unique packaging, and delivering at your door step. For deal valued and loyal customers supportive and trustworthy assurance, 20% booking of livestock already got done. They also offering 7.5% discount on Mutton and Beef meat and get free membership till 27th July with maximum order of 5kg in Karachi only, along side with another amazing offer as meat box to fulfill all your meaty needs in exciting prices.

Address: Shop No. 2, Plot No. 35-C, 12th Commercial Street, D.H.A, Phase 2 Extension, Karachi, Pakistan-75500
Phone: 0334 1247566, 0316 8595132
Website: http://www.bakraeat.com/

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