Enthralling Musical Night Held at Defence Authority Club

An enthralling and rejuvenating musical night with renowned pop and classical singer Naeem Abbas Rufi was held in the serene and beautiful environment of Defence Authority Club. The talented singer performed in a superb and magnificent manner to entertain the crowd and to make the night memorable in its real essence.

Naeem Abbas Rufi demonstrated the personal uniqueness and versatility in his songs. He, in his melodious and enchanting voice, mesmerized the crowd winning lot of applauses. His singing both in quality and style wa0s emotionally stimulating and inspirationally heartwarming which intoxicated the crowd taking them into a state of joy.

The mild cool weather and the gentle sea breezes blowing across the Club lawn, dazzling colourful lights fluctuating with vocal cords of singer and aesthetically decorated stage set the tone for a grand and glorious musical performance. The wonderful arrangements made by DA Club glorified by their exceptional hospitality made the evening remarkable.

The musical night was truly exceptional which refreshed and rejuvenated the gathering. All those who attended the musical event fully enjoyed it.

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