Enthralling & Scintillating Musical Evening held at Defence Authority Creek Club

An Enthralling & Scintillating Musical Evening was held in the serene and beautiful environment of Defence Authority Creek Club in which renowned singers Sanam Marvi and Rahim Shah entertained the crowd with their superb performance. Both the vocalists made the evening a memorable occasion to enjoy and rejoice.

Sanam Marvi demonstrated rare show of energy, versatility and variety in her rendition. She in her melodious sweet voice literally mesmerized the crowd winning lot of applauses. Rahim Shah was also at his best. His singing both in quality and style was inspirational and heartwarming. Sanam Marvi marked the finale with her remarkable rendition of ‘Dum Mast Qalandar-Ali Shahbaz Qalandar’ which was unique and mesmerized the crowd taking them into a state of ecstasy.

The gentle sea breezes blowing across the Rockery lawn (the venue), dazzling colourful lights fluctuating with vocal cords of singers and creatively decorated stage set the tone for a very colourful and glorious musical evening. The meticulous arrangements made by Creek Club glorified by their exceptional hospitality made the evening remarkable.

The musical night was truly entertaining in its essence which refreshed and rejuvenated the gathering. Such social functions provide a respite to the audience from their hectic routine work instilling in them a renewed energy, vitality and joy that keep them spirited and lively in life.

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