Espresso at Shahbaz Commercial

Conspiracies become a world slogan, as time travel faster then lives. In this unrecognized world with unrealistic feelings, living a life thoroughly imagine difficult. Sometimes we just need a quite space to sit beside window to observe surrounding with a cup of coffee as a partner to forget ourself in between the fog of coffee.

Don’t we want some time to explore our talent in private?
Who doesn’t want quality time with love ones?
Light topics discussed over a cup of coffee complemented with savory or sweet dishes. Some time there will be gentle smiles and diplomatic statements considered a perfect fusion to over stressed mind or boost your strength. 

Back in the city, few coffee shop used to be in the city, as coffee never got popularized as a trend. But nowadays, coffee actually symbolize the meaning of joy as its complete your ideal treat. Coffee shops and cafes are now found every other area of city. As time changes, we welcome the trend of stepping out with friends and family over a cup of coffee to spend quality time. I mean what is it that coffee can’t fix it? Its not just a drink; actually a life style!

At times, what one desires is a carefree casual lunch or coffee. Step in and order a latte with a brownie in a cozy ambiance. ESPRESSO branch in Khayaban-e-Shahbaz is one of its oldest branches in Karachi. The location is ideal in terms of parking. Sitting area is huge as outlet is having grand two story building with comfort and sophisticated atmosphere with amazing window views. Specially awesome to watch sports between enthusiastic audience. 

Espresso itself a go-to-place slogan for coffee lovers. As espresso delivered what coffee is, they are really really great at. Ever since the brand started its operation in 2005. Two brothers ADAM HALAI, and IRFAN HALAI were told by their head of marketing, KAMIL AZIZ KHAN, that he was off for a meeting to discuss the possibility of establishing a coffee shop in Karachi. After strong determination of trio and working hard they able to set up officially first Espresso branch at 10th Commercial Lane in Karachi. The exclusive taste and originality of their coffee have remained their expertise. It has made the move from a small coffee bar at Zamzama to many well-designed and aesthetically done cafes in elite areas of Karachi.

At espresso, there is a designated area for smoker’s, so that’s a plus point. contrary to other branches, Shahbaz street branch remains open till midnight and serve diners as well. Beside the coffee, they serve a variety of sandwiches and appetites to boost your hunger. Best quality of Espresso is, at cafe their menu changes with time to time according to clients need and demands. Gradually shakes, frappes, cold coffee and drinks are super yummicious with blend taste of fruits and other ingredients with amazing texture and unique style. Espresso is not confined for its offers but its a super fantastic place to go for diner as well. Espresso Italian bliss like Marinara sauce with beef chunks, pepperoni and jalapenos with auspicious other flavours of pizzas, starter platter, lasagne, chicken Caesar, sandwiches, tacos, chicken quesadita, pasta alfredo, fish and chips, smoked salmon, fajita, wrap with chicken and beef, burgers, desserts, waffles, beverages, caramels and breakfast omelette  are their highlighted menu. 

With a diverse offering of caffeinated beverages, their dining menu is one that should also not be ignored. In taste,  Espresso has gone to the extra mile to keep their flavours and quality consistently good for coffee lovers. Their speciality is, they emphasize you with types, flavours and taste of all coffee style patiently. So far a layman it become easier to distinguish between a cup of cappuccino and macchiato.

The warm ambiance and multiple options to choose from the menu make it a hot and favorite for people of all ages from hot coffee to cold mocha and from espresso shots to frothy cappuccino, Espresso brews every sort of coffee. Most auspicious and magical sip of coffee is their Americano, that can awaken your spirits and entertain your coffee craving like no other. Espresso not only popular for its taste and style but their serving art is another special feature that make it more sophisticated. As Espresso every single ingredient used with purely fresh and hygienic way with proper consideration of calories and nutrients diet. Espresso show their professionalism through their food  preservation to serving style with proper attitude.

At espresso all stuff are high profile with great attitude and manners. Management is ready to help you with every bit of issues. Espresso is not easy going on pocket as its considered a place of higher price but after eating at espresso your money should be worth it. Its a home-grown brand that is one of the most favourite choice for a frothy cup of coffee to the beverages and diners menu. They also facilitate their clients with home delivery services with amazing hour beneficiaries. 

Address: Ground Floor, 7-C Khayaban-e-Shahbaz, main Shahbaz Commercial Area, Phase 6, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi-Pakistan.
Timing: Monday to Thursday 08:00 to 12:00 am| Friday to Saturday 08:00 to 01:00 am
Phone: (021) 35342725

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