Esquires’ Coffee – Great Coffee Helps!

It all started 15 years ago in Vancouver, Canada and has not come to an end since. Instead it has come to our home town near Zamzama Park, phase 5, DHA. YAY!!!

Esquires’ Coffee is now owned by a company in New Zealand and has established its outlets in many countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. They claim to use fresh organic beans only and have pledged to reflect New Zealand’ culture and heritage in their work. So far they have done an awesome job and attracting more &  more customers. Out of many reasons one can be their serving hours; they are open from 07:00 pm to 01:00 pm — breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks — any time that suits your craving.

The setting of this two storey place is totally modern and minimalist – no extra decorations, designs or wall arts to spruce up. They have achieved the perfect all-in-one homey, relaxed and business environment just by matching and contrasting the colours of the furniture, its strategic placement and some well-chosen decor pieces. The doors and separating compartments give off an impression of a shed along with wire racks for display of coffee samples. To sum it all up, it is chick diner blended with a simple farmer’s shanty. To top it all off they have also designated a secluded corner for some light reading complete with Urdu and English books and newspapers. AND they have also got some work stations for official busy bees! It is just getting better and better.

The menu is a big one for a coffee shop. Their specialty, Coffee, is in different flavors and they also serve — Tea (Earl Grey, Berry Sensation Iced Tea); a separate menu for kids (Kiddies platter, Toasted Granola); Dessert (Chocolate Éclair); Pastas (Farfalle Arabiata); Burgers (Smokin’ Joe); Appetisers (Bruschetta Trio); Grilled bread sandwiches (Grilled Caribbean Steak); Waffles and Toasts; Bowls and Salads; Cereals (Chia Bowl); Spinach Egg Benedict; Muffins; Scones and Artisanal Breads (Walnut and Date Bread) – to name a few.

Enjoy your visit. Kia Makona!

Address: 17c 3rd Zamzama Commercial Lane, Phase 5, D.H.A. Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact Number: (92-21) 3-537-0011

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