Estrela at Orrey

“There is no sincerer love than the love of food’- George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright and a co-founder of the London School of Economics, who also won a Nobel Prize in Literature. A person like George Bernard Shaw who was part of the world’s greatest educational set up, thinks along the lines of food being the purest form of love. Surprising for many as they sit to contemplate what George Bernard really meant.

Best Restaurants in DHA Karachi & Clifton

A simple dinner with family or a meal shared with a loved one can be said to induce joy and elevation like never felt before. Precious moments like such deserve special places – not that food is the highlight of the occasion, but a fine meal in a spectacular ambiance is sure to set the mood right.

Dining at the usual restaurants tends to become boring, thus even a mention of the place and people tend to complain and whine about how fed up they are. Now people look for new dining experiences – the newer the better. This change is attributed to travel and people’s developing taste in term of flavours and ingredients. Steaks have evolved from well to medium in terms of cooking techniques, as people understand the nutritional value of the ingredients and hazards of an over cooked edible lump of protein.

Estrela at Orrey - Clifton, Karachi

Estrela is one of the three dining experience offered at the newly inaugurated Orrey located at Block 4, off 26th Street, Clifton. Offering divine Mediterranean cuisine of the finest quality- Estrela is a must visit. The ambiance is nothing short of a Michelin star restaurant anywhere abroad. Aesthetically designed, it is spacious yet offering comfortable seating arrangements. Stone walls all around are luminescent with subtle lighting, nothing too harsh to offset the subtlety of the ambience.

Address: Plot # F-44, Block 04, KDA Scheme 05, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35878738-9

The white dining tables light up the place giving the space a well-defined look. Estrela is all about fine dining and enjoying the experience. The meals are carefully prepared to reflect the authentic Mediterranean taste and one protein describes Mediterranean cuisine the best- seafood.

Lightly dressed salads and seafood main courses are the best choices. Literally all that is missing is the rushing sound of the ocean, such is the experience. Good news here is that Estrela initially was open for dinners only, but now it is open for lunch as well.

Any meeting of the executives can be held here because it is exclusive. Dining at Estrela is a lot more than food; visitors will be swept away with the service offered. Since it has just begun word about its popularity has started to spread. People are more than happy to recommend it to others while they themselves are going back for the experience.

Guests from abroad will be delighted to experience fine dining here in K-town. It is a dinner many will look forward too after their first visit. The staff is extremely gracious and helpful when it comes to suggestions for the first timer visitors. Walk-in or reserve a table for this weekend so you may enjoy the delectable Mediterranean cuisine the fine dining way.

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