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Events Calendar – Events in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Events Calendar - Events in DHA Karachi

Get the word out about your upcoming event. Simply get in touch with DHAToday to create awareness of your event. Visitors, as well as DHA Karachi residents, refer to our Calendar of Events to find activities for the entire family. Best of all, it’s available at a discounted rate right now! Get in touch with us here.


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  1. Naveen says:

    how can one post our event details on ur page

  2. Gallery says:

    Interested in sharing an upcoming art event on your page

  3. Hi – we’re also interested in posting our events to your page – kindly let us know how can we have our events included on your website. Thanks!

  4. kamran says:

    CITI ASSOCIATE ,where are you located or phone number ? please

  5. Mushtaq Qureshi says:

    as Salam Alaikum

    upcoming “Event Calander” is still highlighting 2014? I am not elaborating.

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