Events Happening on Independence Day 2018 in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Mai Bhi Pakistan Hun, Tu Bhi Pakistan Hai!

We all are what Pakistan is. We are the face of Pakistan and whatever we do, whatever our actions be, reflect our country, our cultural ethics, our norms and our identity. The more active, good, energetic and amiable we strive to be the more we will shine as a nation.

Independence Day is a huge landmark in our history and is always celebrated with zeal and pomp. Many activities, functions, events and meet ups are planned and arranged for that day especially and people enjoy it and wait for it eagerly. Similar events are going to take place this year in DHA that you all have to take note of and attend. The importance of these events is because they are specific to 14th August and are carried out to pay tribute to our homeland.

ARTCITI Exhibition:

Artist Rida Kazmi is exhibiting her paintings by the name of Azaadi on 14th August at ARTCITI located on Khayaban-e-Shujaat Phase VI. The paintings collection pays tribute to our forefathers and depicts their struggles, their worries, their strengths and beliefs, their journey and finally their contentment in the way of Independence. You can see the making of Pakistan portrayed in the form of images in front of you. A strong recommendation.

Celebration in OCEAN MALL:

Ocean Mall has arranged Live Band performances this year to entertain its customers on Azaadi Day. You can join them for the countdown to the 14th this night and get cracking!

Celebration in DOLMEN MALL:

Celebrations and shopping is ongoing at Dolmen City since 9th August and will peak on the 14th. Join them to indulge yourself in a riot of colors, music, shopping, food and gifts!


Zamzama Skating Club is holding a roller sports event on 14th August this year in which kids of different age groups will be participating. Skating Football and Speed Skating are just two exciting names of a string of games kids can play in the skating rink. You just have to take your kids there and enjoy watching them squeal with laughter.

Independence Day RACE:

Ramada Creek Hotel in Phase VIII has planned a 5 kilometres race to mark this day and you can visit to support the runners who will NOT be athletes but amateurs – ordinary people like you and me. Athletes are not allowed as this is not a real competition. The meet up will be around 6 a.m., the morning of 14th August and the actual race will commence at 6.30 a.m. Raise your hands those who will attend this event!

Brunch in THE PATIO:

THE PATIO has arranged an Independence Day brunch featuring some of their mouth-watering dishes for you to enjoy. Feel the spirit of freedom in the air at sitting outside on The Patio.

Celebration at RANIKOT FORT:

Ranikot Fort is a historical fort near Sann, Jamshoro District, Sindh, Pakistan. Ranikot Fort is also known as The Great Wall of Sindh and is believed to be the world’s largest fort with a circumference of approximately 26 kilometres (16 mi). OKM Travels has arranged a road trip and night camping on Ranikot Fort to mark Independence Day this year. You have to fill an online registration form, submit the fee and meet the group at Chai Shai, Chota Bukhari, Phase VI on 13th August. The campers will celebrate the night of 14th August around the camp fire (exciting!) and will return the other day. Join now!

Independence NIGHT:

If you are a lover of national songs and want to start celebrating the night before the big day, Memon Electronics located at Badar Commercial phase V has arranged to play the National Anthem and Independence Day Countdown at 12 midnight. Join your neighbours to recite the anthem of the country.

Brunch at LAL’S:

Have a leisurely brunch to celebrate the big day and holiday at once in LAL’S PATISSERIE at Dolmen Mall. Besides arranging a blissful menu for the day, Lal’s have also arranged live music and face painting to spruce up the fun for kids and adults alike. Shop, eat and be merry!

LECOLE’ Azaadi Fest:

Organised by THE CIRCUS EVENTS, the Azaadi Fest is bound to be an extremely enjoyable affair packed with crafts, activities, contests, food, music and a lot of fun. Kids and adults alike can appreciate it. You will have to make reservations, though. Entry Ticket – Rs 300/- for all (children under 2 will not be charged). Available at Delizia Shahbaz, Badr, Jami & Clifton branches and at Wingitt. The venue for the actual party is at LECOLE’, Phase VIII.

You are in for a lovely time there.

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