Exhibition “SOCIAL ISOLATION” at Artscene Galleries

Social Isolation
The idea for the show began organically during the pandemic lockdown of 2020. Through discussion, exchanging of ideas and concerns around the experience of social isolation 5 artists in their unique settings worked together. These years 2020 and 2021 are now of historical importance not just due to the devastation caused by the covid-19 virus to modern human civilisation but also due to the paradigm shift in the power structures of the world. The notion that modern human has conquered and harnessed nature was erased and death took center stage. With this shift people everywhere learnt to live differently, maybe not new ways of life but new to people of capitalist dependent life styles. As if the enormous number of deaths in modern human lived consciousness was not enough of a truama, disruption to worlds supply chains, lack of freedom of movement, strict surveillance and controls, loneliness and fear of the end compounded every living soul on the planet. This year has seen advent of the covid-19 vaccine but will life ever go back to how we knew it before. Scientists say we have to continue to socially distance for the foreseeable future causing irreparable harm to people’s emotional states. How it effects our interpersonal relationships is yet to be seen. 5 artists grapple with these unprecedented realities, continue to work, document and try to express them in visuals.Their experience as you will read below is varied and their expression personal. They share their most vulnerable time because it is important to reach and connect with each other during trying times. This will be a group show of 5 artist who practise in different media and have distinct visual language.
Akifa Mian

Date: 18 Feb, 2021
Time: 5:00 pm
Venue: F-39/1, Block 4 Clifton Karachi.
Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/459721375060515/

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