Extraordinaire Digital Silk Prints by Gul Ahmed

The blazing summer heat is just around the corner for the people of Karachi, as for now the people are making most of the last winter breeze around the town. People in Karachi face around nine (9) to ten (10) months of heat which varies between mild and extreme levels, thus the clothing have to be accordingly.

Unlike the other cooler regions of Pakistan, Karachi enjoys the coastal breezes but with scorching heat during extreme temperatures. No wonder the people in Karachi do not invest heavily in winter wear as compared to summers.

Besides summer, the arrival of spring is marked in the month of February; winter wears are folded, stacked in neat piles and stacked up in attics or suitcases, to be kept in store for the next 2 months of winters. Spring is the season of colours, spread across the city by the blossoming flowers and lush green leaves.

A highlight of the spring season is that the weather is fairly pleasant because of the slight breeze which makes everything a lot more enjoyable. The arrival of every season is greeted with its own special symbolic offering like nuts for winters. Women on the other hand greet seasonal changes with a shopping spree. This is surely the best way to greet seasons!

Shopping for an entire new wardrobe by filling it up with clothes of the latest designs and trends is the way to go. Local brand names with exhibitions held abroad, displaying their seasonal collections have conquered a respectable market share; propelling the brands to greater heights.

Seasonal clothing line launches by brands are anxiously waited for by women at home and abroad; the entire wait is for the announcement of the days and dates. The companies take their sweet time for the launch; they create lucrative print and electronic media advertisements, driving women crazy about the new collection even before the launch.

Social media websites are flooded with teasers being put up by the brands on regular intervals, just enough to keep the women hooked to the page for dates and further insight into the designs. In all honesty, spring and summers mark the beginning of the ‘Lawn Wars’ amongst the leading brand names in Pakistan and abroad. Women will take it upon themselves to be the first of their social groups to own as many or all of the designs and prints.

As for now the Gul Ahmed Digital Silk Collection 2014, has made a smashing hit in stores. Women have flocked the Gul Ahmed outlets to grab these exotic digital silk screen designs for their wardrobes for the year 2014; not only is the collection magnificent, it is extraordinary in terms of colours and designs- unlike nay ever seen before. The response has been cracking and stocks are selling out like hot cakes.

Gul Ahmed is one of the pioneers in introducing seasonal collections of clothes locally and abroad; the fan following is unlimited. As for now, Gul Ahmed has already begun its lucrative advertisements on billboards for the spring collection 2014.

Women fan and loyalists are forewarned about the upcoming spring collection seasonal saga. They are to keep their eyes and ears open to take note of the latest buzz about the days and dates of the launches. Gul Ahmed store/outlet located at Schon Circle will be the place to be in. Thus ladies and women, stay tuned for updates about the spring collection launch of Gul Ahmed.

Gul Ahmed Digital Silk Prints 2014  is available in Defence & Clifton at following locations:

  • Clifton – Ideas by Gul Ahmed, BC 13, Block-9 Ground Floor, Razi Towers, Near Schon Circle, Main Clifton, Karachi.
  • Dolmen City – Ideas by Gul Ahmed, Plot # HC-3, Block-4, Scheme # 5, Ground Floor, Outlet # G-4, Clifton, Karachi
  • Ocean Mall – Ideas by Gul Ahmed, Plot # G-3, Block-9, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, Clifton
  • Park Tower – Ideas by Gul Ahmed, Shop No. GR-35, Park Tower, Clifton, Karachi

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