Family Get-Together at Defence Authority Beachview Club

A Family get together for the staff of Defence Authority Beachview Club was held at the club premises with great fanfare. Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali alongwith his wife graced the occasion.

The function was innovatively planned in a lively and colourful manner which included novel attractions specially for the children. The event provided an occasion to employees of Beachview Club to spend some enjoyable time out of their extremely hectic club routine together with their families. There were a number of interesting events and attractions for the children and families which they enjoyed a lot.

The hallmark of the event was a presentation of a Milli Naghma by four selected children who sang it in a spirited manner putting their heart and soul in synchronization with the rhythm of the song creating great impact on the audience. Administrator commended the spirit and dedication of the children and gave them Rs. 10,000/- each as a token of appreciation and encouragement. Jumping castle and other joyous playing apparatus were placed at the venue for young kids to play and enjoy in a boisterous mood. A comedian also entertained the gathering. Administrator and his wife informally met the employees and their families and asked about their welfare and wellbeing.

A sumptuous dinner was arranged for employees and their families. The event ended on a happy note and the club staff and their families went back with joyous mood carrying the sweet memories of the function to cherish them for a long time.

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