Farid’s Supermarket – One Stop Shop For All Needs!

Supermarkets are enticing for the entire family because of the wide range of products available to suit the needs of all members, be it the infants or the old. Farid’s is the one stop shop for all needs. Located at the lower ground floor in the The Ocean Mall, Clifton, Karachi.

Farid’s Supermarket - The Ocean Mall, Clifton Karachi

Customers are welcomed to a sprawling brightly lit retail outlet offering valet service pick and drop from the door step of Farid’s. A source of great convenience because customers can leave their cars with the valet and head off to shop. Farid’s provides one of the best shopping experiences for the entire family owing to its carefully planned layout.

Address: LG Floor, The Ocean Mall, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35140980
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Faridsretail

As a customer enters they can pick a basket or trolley depending on the quantity of products they intend to buy, but be warned – one is sure to exceed the limits. Straight ahead after entering is the electronic section equipped with the best products from the most notable brand names like Philips, Black & Decker, Westpoint or Braun. Home care, Personal care or Kitchen appliances from branded companies are the tip of the ice berg. In addition to these, on all huge appliances like Washing machine, Television and Fridges – Farid’s is offering the lowest prices along with free delivery, installation and after sales service.

Women and young girls will go crazy in the cosmetic aisle as they look through the newest shades of nail and lip colours from companies like Loreal or MAC. A wide range of local and imported personal care items such as soaps, lotions, gels and shampoos are available for men and women alike.

Pet lovers will be ecstatic as they visit the aisle pertaining to stuff for pets; mind you pet does not necessarily mean cats and dogs, food for birds in a vast variety are available. To be fair- Farid’s takes equal care in spoiling the pets.

Anything from cereal to washing machine is easily available and at decent prices which would not hurt despite the grand reputation of the store. All those who love golf or tend to have particular interest in camping will be jumping with joy when they visit the first floor. Displayed right across is the camping equipment and cases for shotguns- eye candy for the grown men. The gear thought costly is imported; many will witness the transformation as mature adult men become young boys again. Such is the power of camping.

Entire household grocery can be done while at Farid’s. The meat section is managed by PK foods, prepared in highly hygienic conditions and kept in a controlled environment; customers can be assured of its quality. Similarly the poultry and fish sections are pristine- cleaned up portions are neatly packed and stacked in chillers, however if a customer wishes they can opt for a special portion made to order as per their preference. While parents linger over grocery, the young may not get bored; they can head out to a liberty books outlet and search for their favourite authors or instead pick out movies from their DVD collections. The children will be anxious to visit and pick educational toys, models or stationery for themselves.

Farid’s Supermarket - The Ocean Mall, Clifton Karachi (2) Farid’s Supermarket - The Ocean Mall, Clifton Karachi (1)

Good news for many customers is that Farid’s will be opening soon at ‘The Place’ in Phase VIII. So stay tuned to their facebook page for further details-since a grand opening would mean a galore or prizes and discounts.

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