Fashion-esta with the Monsoon Sale!

A sudden up-rise is noticed in the western wear among people from all walks of life. In the initial days western outfits were under fire for being too out right vulgar or blatantly giving wind to western trends. Either ways- western outfits were a strict no for many girls and young women. Despite the longing, they would be contained to wearing these in the closed proximity of the house only while any woman seen wearing an attire of such manner was immediately scorned upon. It would take people lesser than an infinitesimal second to pass a remark by just a view of the western outfit.

However now years later the scenario has taken a 180 degree turn since every young girl, woman irrespective of the age factor is seen adorned in western outfits. This change in style, trend and thinking above all has brought with it opportunities for a shopping spree- the western way.

Monsoon - Dolmen Mall Clifton KarachiMonsoon a leading international chain specializing in western wears now sports a brightly lit outlet in the prestigious Dolmen Mall Clifton. Any visit to Monsoon is sure to be a shopper’s paradise as they walk through aisles and aisles of the trendiest western outfits for the season.

From the traditional white tuck in blouses to stylish multi coloured palazzos- this is the store to visit for all the western outfits. Monsoon caters to children, the young and adults, but the western way. All is well while going through the aisles and trying on the pretty outfits until the price tag swims before the eyes. For some it can a be a try-out for clothes at Monsoon and then leaving without those shiny shopping bags; later trying to either hunt for the same look alike at a different price or asking relatives abroad to bring one. But what if Monsoon is having a grand winter sale; this would mean that all those bedazzling attires are now within reach!

Monsoon - Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi

Monsoon at Dolmen Mall Clifton is actually having a Winter Clearance Sale this very moment. All the clothes which seemed rather far away or you missed out on by any chance are just hanging there waiting to be tried on and bought. The sale is a shopaholic’s dream; blouses, cardigans, formal black pants, skirts, capes- name and its up there for sale. It couldn’t get better than this and that too at the price cuts being offered.

Clothes for children are literally on an unbelievable sale of up to 50%; this sale makes it the prime time to shop for young girls and boys. Let the children pick out the colours and styles for this sale is all about them. As for the girls- it is time to spread the word about the sale and gang up with your friends for a day solely dedicated to a sale at Monsoon. Shop till you drop and can buy no more of the gorgeous outfits.

Monsoon - Dolmen Mall Clifton Karachi

Ladies wrap up the work and make a bee line to this amazing sale before all the great stuff is gone; it is time to make a statement with your fashion style

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