Female Security and Self Defence Training at T2F

About the course:
Women often face risks when working or residing at home or outside. Statistics indicate that cultural and legal factors can exacerbate the challenges women face, when exposed to threats. Harassment, intimidation and physical or psychological assaults may be perpetrated by strangers, as well as family members, friends or work colleagues. When travelling away from home or the office, especially in areas where legal and cultural differences are present, then the risks can significantly increase.

Aim of this course:
The course includes the principles of personal safety and security for females, covering scenario-based exercises on how to respond to a likely threat, as well as sharing practical self-defence measures to break free from and to disable an attacker, allowing women to counter and minimize the impact.

About the instructor:
Amir Bukhari
Amir Bukhari a senior security professional working with the humanitarian sector for 16 year. He is one of the certified Trainer among Trainers from UN Staff college. He has trained numerous staff and individuals in personal security and self defence and aims to teach individuals the basics of personal security and to strengthen them to cope with any untoward threats in their daily life.
Ali Molai
Ali Molai is an expert in martial arts, kickboxing (gold medalist). He is a philanthropist sportsman who aims to teach individuals the art of self defence.

Date: Saturday, 7th November 2020
Time: 6:00PM – 8:00PM
Registration: 500/-
Participants: 30
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Event Link: https://web.facebook.com/events/4242847559079060/

**To book your slot, please email us at info@peaceniche.org to pre register**

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