Five Family Members Found Dead in DHA Karachi (Phase-IV)

Five Family Members Found Dead in DHA Karachi (Phase-IV)

Five family members were found dead in a residence in the upscale area of DHA Karachi (Phase-IV) on Tuesday morning. The cook and maid of the house came in to work as usual in the morning and found the residence locked from inside. They informed the neighbours, who then called the police.

According to the information given to the police by neighbours, the incident took place at 6:06am though none of them were sure which house the sound of bullets was coming from at the time.

SP Sarfaraz Nawaz, who was present at the scene, said that bullet marks indicated a murder and suicide case. According to the official, the head of the family, Jawad Durrani first killed his children and wife and proceeded to commit suicide by shooting himself. The weapon allegedly used in the murder has been seized by the police and will be used to match fingerprints.

Police officials said the dead included Jawad Durrani, who was a finance officer at Sanghar Sugar Mills, his wife Wajiha, thirteen-year-old son Rehan, nine-year-old daughter Rameen and a one-year-old child named Arish.

The bodies of the deceased were shifted to Jinnah Hospital. A police official said that Jawad Durrani sent out “disturbing emails” to his friends before the incident, early in the morning. The police also found CCTV cameras installed in the house and have seized all footage.

[via Express Tribune]

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