Flavors of the World at Café 76

Food is a source of comfort in sad or depressing times or a means to share the joy. Somehow or the other, food is that one link which connects the people together. People come together to enjoy a meal or to discuss a meeting. The greatest of the deals or romance begins with the sharing of a meal.

Best Cafés in DHA Karachi & Clifton

A meal can be eaten anywhere, whether in a five star hotel, a café, a restaurant or a road side stall. A meal will satisfy the hunger pangs and give a sense of fulfilment whereas enjoyment only comes when it is shared with the people you love or like to be with, but in a comfortable ambiance. Whenever eating out, the ambiance of the restaurant, the approach to the restaurant and the location play a vital role in how the customers perceive the place- all of this affects the reviews that which the customers give to the meal.

Many a times, a good restaurant offering great food fails to create an impact after a grand opening because of the failure of one of the mentioned factors. An element as simple as lack of parking space will also discourage the customers from revisiting or suggesting the eatery to other people. So opening a restaurant is more than just food, there is the entire plethora of variable which will either add or take away the comfort of the customers; and it must be remembered a happy customer means a happy business.

Likewise cafes today have become extremely crowded, but noteworthy is the fact that most of these cafes are coffee houses offering a wide variety of food throughout the day sort of like an American diner- all day breakfast kind. A real café is one wherein the food reflects the light and causal spirit. It does not mean that the food has to be light, on the contrary it simply means that the ambiance should be relaxed and easy going rather than an up-tight fashion event.

Café 76 Menu - Clifton Karachi 01

Café 76 hold its stance as the true café; offering great food in a casual ambiance without the worry of being under-dressed. At Café 76 the food served is of the highest quality and the long queues of customers waiting to be seated proves its popularity.

Address: 76 Old Clifton, Karachi, Pakistan.
Phone: 021-35833163-64
Email: cafe.76@live.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Cafe76.pk

Despite being rather small, Café 76 offers a serene and quiet ambiance to its customers where they can unwind with the specials of the day or order a dish from the menu. All the dishes being served at Café 76 are bursting with flavors while the presentation is equally beautiful. The food journey here at Café 76 can begin with a light Caesar Salad and then move onto a tenderloin steak with assorted veggies and a jacket potato stuffed with sour cream.

The Club sandwich at Café 76 is light with layers off either chicken, turkey or roast beef. Each sandwich layer is lightly covered with mayo and some condiments, without making the sandwich fall apart with the added weight of the sauces.

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