Flavoursome OPTP – For The Real Potato Lovers!

Cuisines vary in term of flavours and cooking techniques from geographic region to region. Flavours from certain geographic regions travel miles and become part of the local cuisines. A similar trend is noticed for ingredients; they are readily accepted and incorporated in the cuisines locally because they bring about a change.

Thus food evolves with time and travel, as new cuisines are introduced in new regions, the tastes are either accepted as they are or infused in the local delicacies. Either ways, it is beneficial for the foodies.

At the time when India was known as the golden sparrow, the core product being exported was spices to countries like Portugal, France and England. The cuisine in these countries were anything but spicy or full of flavour, on the contrary they were bland and dull. However as soon as the spices were introduced, they were infused in the local cuisine. It took numerous experiments to create the perfect balance of these spices, but when optimized, the cuisine evolved and so did the dishes.

To date, Chinese cuisine in Pakistan is altered to appeal to the local palate because the authentic dishes would not be digestible by the people. Flavours on a particular dish vary as it is prepared in different regions; it could be the ingredients, cooking techniques, or merely a local twist.

French fries are a local and international favourite of people around the globe. Right from the children till the adults, few can resist the temptations of deep fried crispy fries. If made to perfection, fries when eaten induce a sense of overwhelming happiness. They complement any meal, having evolved from a plate of deep fried potatoes to a much more intricate balance of thoroughly fried and flavoured chips. No one can resist a plate full of these tempting delights.

French fries have always been flavoured with a sprinkle of coarse salt or black pepper if wanted, other than these two seasonings, the only option left is to eat them plain- which is preferred by most.

Flavoursome OPTP - For The Real Potato Lovers!New on the block once were flavoured French fries introduced by ‘One Potato Two Potato’. A new introduction to One Potato Two Potato flavoured French fries list is: the Wasabi Mayo Fries, Balsamic Mayo Fries and Chili Mayo Fries. These bold flavours are new and fairly exotic for the local palate. The traditional Garlic Mayo and Nacho Fries are now readily being copied by numerous other joints, but these newly introduced are the latest in town.

A word of caution to all those who will be trying Wasabi fries for the heck of experimenting; this is not for novices, wasabi is an acquired taste. Wasabi is used in sushi to bring flavours, and a slight dab is enough to set the taste buds on fire; it is fiery peppery and full of zing. A hint of wasabi is enough to flavour an entire serving of fries.

Thus all those who do wish to try should begin by asking for a taste tester. Once a taste for wasabi fries is developed it will be the only flavour one would want to have. Another new exotic taste is of Balsamic vinegar which is added to mayo and then poured over French fries. The safest bet for many will be the Chili Mayo fries since it is adjusted to the local palate.

Available at the OPTP in Dolmen Mall Clifton, these new mature flavours should be tried and enjoyed for a trip down some exotic food discovery.

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