FOMMA (Foundation for Museum of Modern Art) DHA Art Centre

DHA is an enlightened and forward looking Housing Authority of the country with a progressive vision for future. The Housing Authority is committed to provide best recreational, health and entertainment facilities to the residents to make their lives socially rich and culturally vibrant in its essence. Defence Authority Zamzama Park in DHA Phase-V is one such arena where FOMMA (Foundation for Museum of Modern Art) DHA Art Centre is located as a centre of activity for promotion of art and culture in the metropolis.

Fomma DHA Art Centre (FDAC) is a nucleus of excellence for promotion, dissemination and documentation of arts and culture in order to confer a visible cultural dimension to society. FDAC organizes book launches, arts exhibitions, artist talks, theatrical performances and may collaborative activities in addition to art classes for children throughout the year. Over the years it has emerged as an arts and cultural hub of the city spreading the message of positivity, creativity and enlightenment in society.

FDAC organized a fascinating cultural programme at its centre in which Mr Henry S. Kim Director and CEO Agha Khan Museum Toronto gave a very informative, intellectually vibrant and aesthetically enchanting presentation on role of Museums in preserving the legacy of culture, arts, heritage and traditions of human civilization. He particularly referred to Agha Khan Museum Toronto which show case Islamic and Persian cultures manifesting pluralism, traditions, integrated and diverse cultures and a treasure of vast heritage of Muslim world.

DHA’s initiatives to support and encourage sports, arts and cultural activities go a long way in spreading positive and creative trends in society. DHA accords highest priority to community welfare and development oriented activities as its social corporate responsibility.

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