Forty4 – Experience Tranquility & Gastronomic Elegance

Eating out in restaurants serves two purposes; firstly fun and then peace of mind at the same time. There is no enjoyment in eating out if there is not great company around because that makes going out so much more worth it. Mostly eating out is about having a great gala with great people, but sometimes it has to be a delicious culinary experience in a serene environment.

Best Restaurants in DHA Karachi & Clifton

Wherein conversations can be held without blaring music in the background and the loud screechy giggles from a bunch of teenagers. Mostly restaurants play loud music which quiet literally deafens the people and makes a decent conversation literally impossible because quite frankly every sentence in a conversation is impregnated by a sorry can you speak louder.

For the youth, this ambiance works really well and this is exactly what they look for when they step in a restaurant, but for the mature audience it means an outing gone completely wrong. Case in point, it is a disaster, no matter how great the food is but when in the mood for a serene ambiance many are disappointed.

In case someone is looking for an eatery with a quiet atmosphere and delicious food- they will face a real task because the options are sparse. The food has to be set apart from the typical burgers and steaks which are being served by the restaurants in general all around town- there is absolutely nothing new about the flavors except a few twists added to create the X factor.

Forty4However set near by the hustle bustle of 26th street commercial is a restaurant which holds its status as one offering real fine dining and great serene ambiance. It is an oxymoron when one thinks of serene and 26th Commercial Street together because this very street is one of the busiest roads leading to numerous destinations in Defence.

So really how did serene and commercial come together and managed to stay successfully? Be prepared to experience the tranquility and greenery of the Far East right here on 26th Commercial Street. This is Forty4; a restaurant offering a fine dining experience in a tranquil and serene environment which will transport the customers to the lush green field of the far east or the tropics.

Address: F-44/2, Block-4, Scheme-5, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 021-35290066, 021-35290065

The moment one steps inside, the pebble walk way is lined with lush green towering trees which create a beautiful shade. Customers can choose between sitting outside on comfortable seating arrangement under an umbrella shade or inside in an elegenatly decorated dining area. The choice of furniture and aesthetics in the décor at Forty4 are elegant yet comfortable at the same time, but the highlight begins with the menu choices.

Highly recommended is the Char Grilled Chicken Breasts with a Bird Eye Chili Tarragon Crème- the sauce is an intricate balance of hot spicy chili and the bold flavors of tarragon. The chicken is grilled to perfection with the perfect grill marks and smothered in the delicious chili and tarragon creamy sauce served with a generous helping of French fries and veggies.

The wild Mushroom steak is another must on the menu. For customers with a certain developed taste and palate- they can try Crispy duck with Hoisin Sauce served with homemade pancakes is an elegant dish. Similarly the lobster thermidore hits the mark in terms of flavor and quality.

The desserts are limited, but it would be a sin to not try the Churros because they are fried to a deep golden on the outside and dusted with cinnamon and powdered sugar. All in all, Forty4 checks in all the positive attributes and is a must try for anyone who has yet to enjoy the fine dining.

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