Fowl Play Fried Chicken – You’ll Enjoy Over and Over!

It takes very little persuasion to get anyone to try a deep fried starter or snack or a main meal for that cause. People around the world have been craving and following the known band wagons of international food chains which are offering deep fried honest to goodness food.

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There is something about the deep fried food which gives this immense sense of pleasure and comfort which is often felt to be similar to that induced by chocolates. Though in the case of fried food, the mood defers from being romantic to instant feelings of laziness, unlike that of chocolate. Nevertheless fried food is just pure goodness served with an assortment of condiments; it could be the chutneys, sauces or gravy’s with a huge load of French fries or mashed potatoes.

Fast food is usually fried for the main reason that it is easier to marinate and deep fry at a moment’s notice without having to go through time consuming on the spot preparations like those required for burgers or sandwiches. Around the world, cuisines of the various countries right from the Far East till the coasts of Brazil offer deep fried dishes. It is not possible for any cuisine to not have any deep fried element on their cuisine.

People in Pakistan are absolutely nuts for deep fried food; it could be served in the evening with tea or for dinner as a side or main dish for that matter- there would be zero complains from the family. Though deep fried food is divine, tasty and greasy- it does pose a hazard to the health as well; especially if it is devoured day in out from restaurants.

Fowl Play Fried Chicken - Phase 06, DHA Karachi

The fried food made at home is definitely a better choice than those being offered by the international food chains or restaurants because the preservatives used are bare minimum. Here in K-town a certain international fast food chain offering fried chicken has the masses captured, but what the people miss out is the healthy factor which comes from home cooked food only. So what if someone wishes to have a plateful of deep fried chicken? Ring up FOWL PLAY.

Address: Phase-VI, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0333-6957529

FOWL PLAY offers authentic home style fried chicken right at the door step for the customers in Defence and Clifton. As the name suggests- FOWL PLAY- it is all about honest to goodness deep fried chicken in a home style with a delicious lemon and garlic sauce. The portioning being offered is hearty and just the right amount to satisfy the hunger pangs while even leaving a lot more left overs that could be enjoyed a day later.

Fowl Play Fried Chicken - Phase 06, DHA Karachi (1)

The chicken pieces and chicken wings are fried to a golden perfection such that it is a golden color on the outside while on the inside the poultry retains the moistness without losing its texture and becoming dry.

All in all, FOWL PLAY is a good start offering some great quality deep fried chicken at pocket friendly prices. Ring them up and enjoy a good evening.

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