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Beauty is natural, God gifted, but maintaining it is the responsibility of the person. Taking care of a quality that is bestowed is important because it is a present. From the time of the Mughals, women have worked hard to devise home remedies to care for natural beauty; such as long hair or flawless skin.

In the era of the Mughals, the wives of the emperors were served milk, almond and saffron concoctions with a blend of powdered rubies or pearls. Rubies were powdered and added to give the skin of royal highness pink colour while pearls were incorporated to invoke a sense of calmness.

Today, incorporating either of these precious gems is not possible and will be considered absurd; even the idea might start a civil revolt. Thus women rely on home remedies passed down from generation to generation to care for their natural beauty, but somewhere along the passage of time, the remedies have altered.

The next option available is to resort to products from the market from known international brand names; these products are not herbal remedies like those of the Mughal era. However women willing to opt for pure herbal remedies will find themselves at the mercy of companies, which have excelled in producing adulterated mixes.

Not only are these hazardous to the person, they may prove to be fatal. This is one reason why the tradition of following herbal remedies is fading away. One cannot trust what comes in a sealed packet proclaiming to be a herbal remedy; for all one knows it could be powdered bones of deceased animals.

Fragrance Haven - Saeed Ghani Since 1888

With such an extreme level of adulteration, people have become wary of the herbal products. In such times a known an age old local brand with a fine standing for quality and trust is the customer’s first choice. Saeed Ghani is one such store. It has been in the Indian sub-continent since 1888.

Saeed Ghani has excelled in extracting natural ingredients from across a wide geographical region, to produce the finest quality of herbal products and remedies. The best part of authentic herbal remedies is that there are no side effects in case it does not work, which makes it the preferred choice of the women.

Women can visit their outlet in The Forum Shopping Mall, Clifton to indulge in the traditional range of care products. Locally Saeed Ghani is famous for their collection of traditional perfumes called as Attar’s and pure hair oils. The attar is developed from natural ingredients and holds a strong fragrance- they are essential for all those people who refrain from buying other perfumes because of their alcohol content.

All the attar available at Saeed Ghani is free from alcohol or spirits. Besides the attar, the ayurvedic Rose water from Saeed Ghani is the purest available, widely used by people commercially and by local hakeems for medicinal purposes. Women wishing to use pure henna (mehndi) instead of dyes for hair colour will be pleased at Saeed Ghani.

Saeed Ghani offers online shopping on their website as well; all those short of time will find it useful to obtain the products at great ease.

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