Free Coffee Workshop #3 at Coffee Wagera

If you missed the last two, here’s another chance! This free workshop will cover lots of interesting and useful stuff, including:
-11 steps from bean to beverage
-6 basic types of coffee, and 20+ special coffees
-How to make good filter coffee at home, using stuff that you already have… all in a fun and interactive manner!

Minimum spending of only Rs.550 (incl. GST) on snacks and beverages

Maximum capacity: 16 people

To register:
1. Mark yourself ‘Going’ here
2. Send a whatsapp to +852 90313871 with your full name and ‘Coffee Workshop 3’

Their facilitator will be Zubair Anwar Bawany of Alchemy Coffee Roastery. For Zubair, coffee is an obsession and it’s a journey that has taken 9 years. It is the combination of a love for the history, romance, and magic of coffee with the understanding that great coffee is the product of discipline, precision and consistency.

Date: 26th July, 2019
Address: Street 5, Badar Commercial Area, DHA V Karachi, Pakistan
Contact number: (021) 35849946

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