Free Medical Camp at Jokhio Goth in DHA City Karachi (DCK)

A Free Medical Camp exclusively for ladies and children was organized by DHA at Jokhio Goth in DHA City Karachi (DCK) on Super Highway. A large number of rural women folk alongwith their children from poor and underprivileged areas of the Jokhio village and the surrounding areas visited the medical camp in large number where experienced lady doctors of DHA Medical Centre provided free medical services and medicines to them.

The medical camp was an inspiring initiative and a ray of light for the ailing population of local villages who are otherwise deprived of medical facilities/treatment. The women and children of the area flocked in a large number to get the much needed medical treatment.

Abundance of medicine of all sorts was available and the devoted doctors imbued with the spirit to serve the ailing humanity provided them state-of-the-art medical diagnostic and treatment facilities including free of cost medicines. The people visiting the medical camp expressed their happiness and gratitude to DHA for holding the medical camp and desired that such camps should be regularly organized in in their locality in future.

Administrator DHA Brig Shahid Hassan Ali appreciated DHA Medical Centre for efficiently and devotedly organizing a successful medical camp for the underprivileged lot at DCK. He said that DHA was committed to provide best living and medical facilities to the people as its corporate social responsibility. He said that ‘Service to the Humanity’ remains the cherished mission of DHA which was engaged in alleviating the suffering of society. Administrator reiterated that free medical camps will frequently be held by DHA in the area in future.

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