‘Frozen’ – 3D Experience at Nueplex Cinema

Very recently an uphill trend has been noticed in the number of people drawn towards cinema and theatre for entertainment. With mounting work or study pressure for the children and adults alike, weekend are days dedicated solely for family outings or to head out for dinners else entertainment.

Best Cinemas in DHA Karachi & Clifton

A new forum within a secure location offering food and entertainment together is a top visit place for families. Starved of quality entertainment in safe locations, families are now heading out for the once outdated mode of recreation-cinema, which has henceforth become the most favoured form.

Movie cinemas abroad and outside of Pakistan boast of 3D experiences for the movie maniacs, many of which have now moved beyond 3D. Pakistan now stands at par with cinemas abroad by offering 3D experiences like never before. 3D movie for kids seems like a well-deserved treat before the start of a new term or for excelling at some extra-curricular activity. A cherry on top of such a treat would be a Disney movie with a moral. A lesson for the young minds, one that is sure to keep them enticed right till the end. Yes, this reference is to the movie ‘FROZEN’ shown in 3D at none other than K-town’s favourite hangout Nueplex Cinemas located at ‘The Place’ in Phase VIII.

'Frozen' - 3D Experience at Nueplex Cinema - The Place DHA Karachi

Frozen is a Disney movie in 3D which has been playing at the Nueplex Cinemas to a roaring success from children and adults alike. The story begins with two sisters Elsa and Anna as kids playing around in snow when Elsa accidentally injures Anna with her magic. Elsa is blessed with magic which lets her turn anything she touches into ice. Moving on Elsa runs away from her kingdom after a dispute with her sister leaving behind an icy spell that would doom the kingdom forever. Following this is a hilarious set of consequence in which Anna teams up with Kristoff a mountain man to save her sister and to reverse the icy spell.

Frozen is a movie with blizzards, snow fights, reindeers and two very pretty sisters who love each other a lot. Experiencing the movie in 3D with children is a treat for the adults and young ones alike. The theatre echoes with whoops and cheers as the sisters reunite in a 3D image. Bedazzling spells and icy blizzards coming right out at the kids because of the best 3D projection makes them jump and squeal with excitement as parents try really hard to contain them to their seats. Spells created by Elsa seem to lash out of the screen making the kids shut their eyes. The 3D projection at Nueplex cinema is so brilliant, that many a kids are seen stretching out their hands to grab a snow flake or a carrot for the reindeer. The 3D experience at Nueplex Cinema brings the entire movie to life with its exhilarating surround sound system and holographic projection.

Every bit of the movie seems real at Nueplex Cinema owing to its exceptional theatres and quality of surround sound. Parents take the children out for this lovely movie at Nueplex. This is where dreams become reality as fairytales come alive.

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