Fuchsia – Thai Cuisine Galore!

Pakistani food is rich in spices and loaded with spoons full of oil or clarified butter. This is how every dish is cooked in a Pakistani home. Besides the ultimately heavy Pakistani dishes, the love for Chinese and continental is side by side. Chinese food in K-town is more easily available than any other type of cuisine.

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Luckily every Pakistani has now developed an acclimatized taste for Chinese food. The easiest to try and make is chow Mein. Thanks to all the cooks on the glorious food network channels, every woman in any house anywhere can cook Chinese food with the basic ingredients. So Chinese food is now more commonly available in Pakistan than it would be in China.

The Chinese people would be amazed at the level of innovation and alterations of the Chinese Cuisine done here in Pakistan. The food is altered to suit the palate of the local people. This fact is true for all the road side Chinese eateries or all in one food outlets lined across the shopping areas. While true authentic Chinese is available at a select few restaurants only. So it is understood well that in Pakistan another cuisine which is thoroughly enjoyed and is readily available is none other than Chinese.

Fuchsia - Thai Cuisine Galore! (DHA Karachi)

All those travelers who have over the number of years developed a long undying love for Thai cuisine will be disappointed because the only authentic Thai available was at the high-end restaurants serving primarily Chinese. Not for long now, because to the rescue is FUCHSIA.

Address: E-23, 2nd Commercial Lane, Zamzama Commercial Area, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 021-35363944
Email: fuchsia@cyber.net.pk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fuchsia/120517224667435

Fuchsia is all about authentic Thai cuisines, created with the original spices brought in straight from Thailand. Also adding to this Thai cuisine galore is the professional team working tirelessly in the kitchen; led by the best chefs from the world of Thai cuisine, every detail of the cooking is kept as accurate as possible.

Fuchsia is known to the target audience who have either the developed taste or are willing to try a new cuisine. Anyone who is willing or has the desire to try some Thai cuisine will find themselves right at home at Fuchsia.

The steamed seabass with a chili and ginger crust in a lemon balm infused dashi stock with lemongrass is exactly how it served and tastes in Thailand. Another must try is the Toffee glazed crispy banana fritters to finish off a meal. Fuchsia is offering food which is not only new but tastes equally delicious. It is modern and new, unlike the usual eat out for Chinese. If you have yet to try Fuchsia, now is the right time.

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