Fun Day Organized by DHACSS Montessori DA Sunset Club

DHACSS Montessori Teacher’s Training and Development Plan 2018-2019, is cruising towards the end of successful training session. Fun Day for the prep-primary teachers is the integral part of the plan which has been initiated for the first time in the history of DHA.

Fun Day was organized by DHACSS Montessori with great fanfare at DA Sunset Club. 100 x teachers attended the event with tremendous enthusiasm and high spirit. It was a day exclusively for Pre-Primary/Montessori teachers who put in a lot of effort and hard work in grooming the young children in their formative age. Most of the children come to Montessori for the first time leaving their comfort zone to a new and strange place.

Various exciting and colourful activities were planned and held on the occasion followed by sumptuous lunch. The happiness, smiles, joy and laughter of the teachers were embodiment of a successful day innovatively and imaginatively planned. It gave a reinvigorated spirit of motivation to teachers to go back to the work with spirited strength and vigour. It was a tacit admiration and acknowledgement of their hard work and dedication.

Teachers on the occasion presented solo songs, medley, skits and interesting games. Luddi and dandian added to the fun and joy. All the teachers tastefully dressed up in a festive manner. After each performance, they were awarded small gifts as a token of appreciation and while leaving were given small key chains with a short message, ‘A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart’.

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