Fun & Food at Barcelos Pakistan

The flame grilled chicken from Barcelos is finally in Karachi! After being applauded in other cities of Pakistan it is now here to enchant you with its diverse display of flavours.

Situated at Boat Basin, this Afro-Portuguese type restaurant specializes in peri-peri chicken. That, along with its party-house-like inviting exterior and dapper interior, it can be termed as a fab eating place. It is a chic and highly modernish establishment perfect for a trendy crowd to party at. The walls, the ceiling design, the separation bars and the strategically placed furniture all complement each other. The choice of lights and their placement is quite suave and gives the place a contemporary feel. Each table has its own set of sauces and the serving dishes are artistically crude and roughly hewn. An outstanding affair!

The food presentation is another fine tale. Apart from being decorated, it is presented in original Portuguese style with little name flags perched on top of each dish.

The food is delicious and foreign. The menu has a lot of options. Start from starters (Cesar Salad) and French fries as sides moving on to extras (Portuguese Roll). Tuck in to their burgers (Beef Mushroom Melts) and wraps (Chicken Wrap), fall in love with the Portuguese classics (Espetada) and culminate this tasty journey on desserts (Brownie) and beverages (Signature Shakes); you have a wide selection range to create the yummilicious meal of your choice. But you really MUST try their Signature Chicken which they specialize in— it just melts in the mouth. The peri bites are just yummm and the Portuguese Espetada is worth every penny.

We all need good things in life and Barcelos is definitely one of them. Step into it and enjoy yourself. See you once you step out!

Address: D-68, Block 7, Boat Basin Clifton Karachi, Pakistan.
Contact: 03122723567



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  1. Wajeeh Feroz says:

    Their food is DELICIOUS indeed!

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