Gaba’s Seafood Market and Restaurant

Karachi is a coastal city, its residents are blessed with the freshest sea food products right from the ocean to the table. Traditionally seafood is usually cooked at home and enjoyed in desi flavours. Seldom will people go out to restaurants to enjoy a fish delicacy and that will be only when it is extremely famous.

Seafood is considered the pearl of the ocean. The cost of procuring seafood adds to its exquisite nature making it the most expensive ingredient for dishes at times. Despite being a coastal city, many residents tend to opt for frozen fish which are pre-cleaned and packed into assorted bags, sold in leading supermarkets or outlets of their own.

Frozen fish is delightful for all those who live far away from the coast and do not have easy access to fresh products. The sad part being people have now gotten used to frozen products to an extent, that they have completely forgotten what fresh ocean fish tastes like.

Gaba’s Seafood Market and Restaurant - Clifton, Karachi

With this concept comes Gaba Seafood Market and Restaurant. Gaba aims to provide live, fresh, frozen and ready to cook seafood to its customers. Bringing alive the real experience of enjoying seafood.

Address: Shop # 7 & 8, Palm Beach, Block-2, near Bilawal House, Clifton, Karachi.
Phone: 0332-8888910

Customers can begin this fishy journey with choosing how they would like their fish whether alive, fresh, frozen or ready to cook for take away at home. The flavours incorporated are fresh and light bringing out the real taste of the core ingredient- fish. While at Gaba the experience of seeing the fish being taken out alive for your dish is exhilarating. Children will be especially excited to see tanks containing fishes which would be their dinner soon.

Meals with fish as core ingredient are light and delicious, customers can choose between rich desi flavours or slightly subtle flavours. The highlight of the visit is the shell fish selection; bring out the crabs, prawns, shrimps and lobsters. Grilled shellfish is ideal for a cold winter night accompanied with warm soup. All those who have previously tasted squids or calamari will find themselves in heaven. Fried calamari and squids with luscious dips are finger licking good.

Seafood is cooked to perfection, and customers have an option of taking ready to cook seafood delicacies straight off too home to enjoy later on. A meal at Gaba is not extremely costly as one would expect it to be, considering it is fresh and alive seafood, however shell fish is expensive in terms of quantity. But the quality makes up for the cost that is paid.

Having started off recently, Gaba food has yet to make its mark as a quality restaurant for seafood. Word about Gaba being the sole restaurant for seafood is spreading far slower than it should, this delay could be attributed to its poor marketing. A good eat out place for anyone willing to try out something fishy. Get in touch and indulge in ocean goodness.

Gaba’s Seafood Market and Restaurant - Clifton, Karachi (8) Gaba’s Seafood Market and Restaurant - Clifton, Karachi (7)

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  1. shabbir hassan says:

    good i think this is a start of world class level resturant for food lovers with a world class standards cusines.

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