Gaze: An Exhibition at T2F

Join The Second Floor this Saturday to Asad Kamran and Misha Japanwala’s Exhibiton ‘Gaze’. We will be in conversation with Misha and Asad at 6pm! 

Misha Japanwala and Asad Kamran’s collaboration began slowly over a series of short conversations at parties and breakfasts at Xander’s, where the artists talked about art and disruption, and what it means to be a creator and have a voice in our current social, political and economic climate. 

This series of work merges Japanwala’s narrative of her exploration into what it means to be a Pakistani woman, with Kamran’s commentary centered around care-less, narcissistic masculinity and the male gaze in Pakistan. The juxtaposition of their work, both visually and what it represents, is presented here, in an effort to challenge the viewer and the artists to think, reflect and question. 

About the Artists:

Misha Japanwala is a fashion designer and artist whose work lives on the border of Fashion and Fine Art. She was raised in Karachi, where her love for art and design was ignited, and moved to New York in 2014 to study Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design. She began working on her senior thesis collection in 2017, and it was during this time that she began reflecting on her sexuality, privilege and artistic process. This resulted in a collection titled Azaadi, part garment, part sculpture of the female body, in an effort to honor the agency and strength of Pakistani women in the face of domestic violence, moral policing, and taboos around female sexuality. It is these same themes that have continued to inform her work.
Misha’s work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Designboom, Wallet Magazine and Kajal Magazine to name a few, and most recently exhibited her work during Art Basel in Miami. Misha currently lives in New York, where she spends her days working at Elle Magazine and her nights elbow-deep in silicone and resin in a make-shift studio inside her bedroom. 

A 24 year old artist from Karachi, Asad Kamran is currently a practicing architect. He draws his inspiration from his ever evolving life circumstances and the juxtapositions that make up modern day society. His work is an ode to what it feels to be young and Pakistani in the city of Karachi.
Having had multiple shows in Karachi, Istanbul, and Edinburgh, his works have been described by critics as ‘intuitive, gestural, and whimsical’.
His process is instinctive and impulsive, allowing him to express himself without constraints.The resulting paintings are a collective expression of all that he feels in the moment when he is faced with the canvas. His show descriptions are young, contemporary and varied. He employs new media alongside classic painting techniques in his work, making it a collage of sorts.
The artist usually takes into consideration the digital age as an inspiration in his work. Social media timelines make an appearance in some of his collections, and the ephemerality of digital age is a primary means of understanding his own self and his surroundings.

Date: Saturday, 29th December 2018
Time: 05:00 PM – 08:00 PM
Venue: Faraar Gallery, T2F
Entry: Free!

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