German Language Classes at DHA Suffa University (DSU)

DHA Suffa University (DSU) has initiated German Language classes for its students. The German language courses are being offered as an elective course. Over 150 students have already enrolled from the departments of Management Sciences, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science.

Additional students are also enthusiastic about taking advantage of this opportunity of learning an additional language that might work to provide them new pathways to successful careers. Within the short span of two weeks students of DSU can be observed greeting each other in German. It is obvious from their enthusiasm that they are greatly enjoying this first step towards discovering the rich German culture and history.

A native German teacher, Mr. Stephan Guttzeit is delivering the German language classes. Mr. Stephan Guttzeit has joined DHA Suffa University’s Humanities Department as the Head of German Resource Centre for Pakistan and Lecturer for German. Stephan Guttzeit is a world experienced lecturer and trainer of languages and linguistics. He has worked in third level institutions around the world such as Technical University Berlin, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Unversitas Padjdadjaran Bandung, and German Jordan University Amman.

Under the MOU signed between Eurasia Institute of International Education (EIIE), Berlin and DHA Suffa University, one of the major items of collaboration was the establishment of a German Resource Center to conduct German language classes by a native German teacher to facilitate the exploitation of educational, industrial and research opportunities provided by German institutions and industries.

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