Get your ‘Denim Shirt’ Designed in the way You want! | BINT-E-ALI

Precious things covered up in nature like the pearl in the shell. Similarly, Muslim women also covers themselves in a garment of modesty to please their Lord. Abaya, Burqa or Chaddar , these garments comes in many names, shapes and color but the aim of using them is to cover your ‘Satar’ and look modest. In the range of Abayas, fabric like nada, silk and cotton are already in the market but nowadays, denim is getting some unusual popularity among the females.

Previously, the women avoided denim considering it to be thick for pakistani season but now denim is specially made for abayas, very soft and ligth which can be easily worn in summers as well as winters.

If you are interested in manufacturing these designs in Summer Friendly denim fabric then get in touch with BINT-E-ALI at or contact us at 0333-2478157(Whatsapp)

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