Get Your Kids Ready for Winter from 10+ Stores

Fall has started and soon it would be winter season. Although Karachi does not get hit by the winter as much as most of us would like it to, we prepare for it none the less. Babies and kids are the ones liable to suffer from the harshness of this season as they are delicate, vulnerable and less immune. So even if you are planning to shop for your winter gear sometime later, do not plan the same for your kids. You need to gear them up right now because nights are getting chilly and even at daytime they might catch cold in their summer gear. Below is a list of kids clothing
stores in DHA and Clifton that have already launched winter collections. Go check them out and make some worthy purchases.

1. Leisure club: Located at Block 8, Clifton, Leisure Club is the place to shop for your
older kids.

2. Bebek Baby shop: Located at Phase 5, this shop has taken its name from a kids shop in

3. Monsoon children: Located at Dolmen Mall Clifton, this shop has some witty style
clothes for older kids.

4. Breakout Kids: Ocean Mall, Park Towers, The Forum… all in Clifton.

5. Baby shop: Located at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Baby shop needs no introduction other than
its name.

6. Minnie Minors: Located at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Minnie Minors are waiting for you to
check out their autumn collection.

7. Bachaa Party: Located at Majestic Plaza Clifton, this place is a real party for kids.

8. Nafees Nomolood: Located at Phase 5, you can get all your newborn’s winter stuff from
this shop.

9. Junaid Jamshed: Located at Zamzama Phase 5, J. is always up to the mark with its kids

10. Infantino: Located at Phase 5, Infantino is an all-baby shop.

11. Laliwala Baby shop: Located at Phase 7, they sell exclusively baby stuff.

12. Expo Store: Located at Phase 5, expo store has good quality clothes at reasonable prices.

13. Mothercare: Located at Dolmen Mall Clifton, they have launched winter gear for babies
and young children.

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  1. Sam says:

    Hi, are these offers still valid and can be availed online?

  2. Alax Johns says:

    Now you can buy for your baby products, here you can get the best offer items. Visit and choose the best products for your baby

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