Golden Dragon Chinese Cuisine – Authenticity Begins Here!

The culinary world is ever evolving since each new sunrise brings to light a new masterpiece created by the best chefs in the world. The media plays a vital role in this evolution by bringing it to the door steps of the people. The numerous cooking channels must be given the accolade for taking down the barriers of distance, cost and language so that the cuisines of the countries far away are known and learnt in the comforts of the home.

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Also essentially important is that the constant innovations in the local or desi cuisines make it adaptable for people in different parts of the world- the unavailability of the authentic spices does affect the nature and flavor of the dish, but the local spice add its own twist. What is stated is very true for the desi cuisines, but Chinese and Thai cooking is only true to its flavor and origin when kept as original as possible.

Here in Pakistan, people love the Continental and Chinese food, both of which are the first preferences whenever the opportunity to eat out arises. Burgers, pizzas and sandwiches are main stream but Chinese and that too authentic is rather difficult to get hold off. Where the local food network channels and the cooks presenting the show, promise to make each international cuisine easy to make and within a matter of minutes, be very sure that somewhere or the other there will be a compromise on the cooking techniques or spices.

Golden Dragon Chinese Cuisine KarachiAt times this adulteration is required due to the unavailability of the original spices while most of the time, it is too add a desi twist. It can be safely said that Chinese food available at numerous restaurants and cafes around K-town is just a watered down version of the real deal. The real food enthusiasts looking for Chinese food straight off the wok will be disappointed with these versions.

To the rescue is GOLDEN DRAGON– an authentic Chinese delivery. The name GOLDEN DRAGON is as Chinese as it could get- true to the name and honoring the promise of authenticity, the food is par excellence.

Address: 31-C, Sunset Commercial Lane, Phase 2 Ext, DHA Karachi.
Phone: 0321-2172166, 021-35483900 and 021-35881983

Being offered is not just Chinese but Thai food as well, served steaming hot at the customers door step. For the novices a few dishes that must be ordered the first time for a pleasant experience are the Tom Yam Rice, Dry Beef with Cashew nuts and the Kung Pao Chicken. The wonton soup must be complimented with deep fried wontons or prawn tempura.

The quality and freshness of the ingredients reflects right through the flavor and presentation of the dishes. Another extremely divine dish that must be tried is the Szechuan Jumbo Prawns- which is basically jumbo prawns in a spicy Szechuan red sauce. The chicken lollipop is considered the king of the appetizers- once will never be enough.

Chinese food delivered at the door step that too steaming hot is a feat accomplished by Golden Dragon. Don’t wait for the weekend or a special day, just call in the order and sit back to enjoy the Chinese.

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