Grand Book Exhibition 2017 at DA Sunset Club

DHA is a dynamic organization which promotes literary cum academic activities in the country. A Grand Book Fair was organized by Defence Central Library at Defence Authority Sunset Club under the aegis of DHA in which leading publishers and book sellers of the metropolis displayed a variety of quality books at discounted rates to promote reading culture in the community. A large number of people who visited the venue appreciated the forward looking initiative of DHA.

Organizing activities like Book Exhibitions play a significant role in promoting healthy and positive trends in society. Books are epic source of knowledge and information which refines and broadens human vision, outlook and develops character of readers.

The venue of the Book Fair presented a conducive literary environment where books on variety of subjects ranging from literature, fiction, philosophy, current affairs, religion and children’s books etc were available. A large number of people thronged the venue and fondly bought books on various subjects of their interest. Stalls of food and beverages were also available at the venue for the convenience and comfort of public.

The hallmark of the Book Fair was presence of celebrities including, Dr Peerzada Qasim Raza, Ms Mehtab Akbar Rashdi, Mr Ghazi Salahuddin, Ms Haseena Moin, Professor Saher Ansari, Poets Rehan Azmi, Irtiza Johnpuri and Fatima Hassan to name a few. The presence of these literary luminaries was a source of inspiration for the book lovers.

The distinguished writers and poets briefly spoke on the occasion highlighting the significance and importance of reading books that can transform one’s life and in a broader perspective bring a renaissance and reformation in society. They said that habit of reading books not only enhances knowledge quotient of readers but is also instrumental in developing a progressive, tolerant and civilized society.

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