Grand Unveiling of Sana Safinaz Lawn on 17th March

Billboards around every town are decked with life size banners of the available to soon-to-be-available lawn prints- each collection sports a popular model or actress flaunting clothes of the finest quality and design.

With all the frantic lawn wars, women have a huge array of choices to choose from. Some women may find the bright spring colours appealing while many would prefer the exuding elegance from the prints- nothing too flashy or bling- embellished work or embroidery to bring out the aesthetics.

The same cannot be said for the taste of all the women, since many prefer the bling and zing on their attires. The tastes vary by an unimaginable large magnitude- one which will make scaling the level of preference extremely difficult. Some women would want the lawn they pick to reflect their own style statement or persona, while majority of the women will jump the band wagon.

Simply put, it will be the perfect opportunity to go out and shop till they drop, purchasing lawn of the best quality since each name brand has its own standing. The pre-designed stitching cards with each lawn print make the job further easier for the women and the tailors. Follow the instructions to get the exact duplicate of what is displayed on the billboards or in the catalogues. Despite the ensuing lawn wars, some brands have created an impact not just because of their names, but mainly because of the quality and finesses of the designs and material.

These lawn brands need to undertake marketing to a bare minimum level, wherein just the date of the exhibition or availability shall suffice the marketing strategy. Luckily for these brands, their outstanding work and quality in lawn prints over the years has built a platform which speaks volumes about the popularity. Counted amongst the top leading lawn brands of the country is none other than the loved and to-die-for collection from Sana Safinaz.

Sana Safinaz lawn collection is being unveiled on the 17th of March 2014 at all the leading retail outlets. Women have considered it a privilege to wear or give as a present a Sana Safinaz Lawn print from the latest collection. The quality of the material and the designs in the collection do complete justice to the brand name.

The efforts placed in making this brand a success and the loyal customer following is witness to the anxious wait by the women this year. Fans and enthusiasts have held on and not yet begun the summer lawn shopping fiesta until and unless the lawn from Sana Safinaz is not unveiled.

The designs unveiled on the Sana Safinaz official social networking page (Facebook) have taken the fans and the industry by storm because of its elegant and exquisite colour palate complementing each print.

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